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Hotel stay and entrance to Pirbadet

Bring the whole family to Clarion Hotel Trondheim and Pirbadet

Surprise the children with hotel accommodation, delicious food and lots of fun in Pirbadet! The offer applies to accommodation for up to two adults and two children, including an impressive breakfast buffet and access to the Pirbadet. When ordering this package, you get a 15% discount on hotel accommodation and breakfast.

About Pirbadet:
In Pirbadet, almost all the attractions are gathered in one large room. There are bath toys, but you can also bring your own equipment if you wish. The proximity and view of the sea, weather and wind, and not least Munkholmen, is fascinating. In Pirbadet there are summer temperatures, both on land and in water, throughout the year!

The package includes

  • Hotel accommodation for up to 2 adults and 2 children (contact the reception for booking with more children)
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Entrance to Pirbadet

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Saat jopa 25% alennusta!
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